VitalCon Humanitarian Initiative:

supporting the MUSE Foundation 

JoAnn "Shivanti" Chambers has been leading sound healing meditation events with Vitality ReAwakened since the early stages of our community's formation. Through her shamanic teachings, her husband-- Gary "ShapeshifterDNA" Chamber's-- enlightened music, and incredible leadership skills, JoAnn has truly brought healing and light to many members of our community. The MUSE Foundation represents all of the amazing work she and Gary having been doing together in the shamanic sound healing field over the years.

When we started talking about VitalCon and the idea of choosing a new project each year to support with a fundraiser, it was obvious to all of us that, in light of Gary's recent passing, the MUSE Foundation had all of our hearts and votes for being this year's supported project.

For a bit of background, Gary was a visionary composer and master of sound design. Since the age of 5, Gary channeled sonic based information through musical frequency patterns he would hear within. Those patterns, through his deepening connection with Source Vibration, he learned to translate into his music. Those soundscapes were meant to assist humanity throughout their ascension journey as they shapeshift from 3D to a 5D realms of consciousness expansion. His transmissions continue to be shared by JoAnn, who will carry on their work through their teachings. The MUSE Foundation was set up to further Gary's work and support other up and coming artists in this genre as well as various artists whose works align with their overall mission. If Gary's music has touched your heart in these last 35+ years, consider gifting support to MUSE to help us continue to share this body of work with the planet, online and in virtual reality worlds.

Support the MUSE Foundation
& help us reach our donation goal!

If we reach the $10,000 goal, Vitality ReAwakened pledges to donate a brand new 3D world based on one of Gary's original songs, and we will host a special event there for the community to experience. 

Let's make it happen!