Events to ReAwaken Your Vitality

Event List

Aromatherapy Education

(On Hold Until 2024)

Power of Aroma: This is a 30 minute introduction to essential oils and using natural solutions for an effective alternative approach to health care. You will learn how to tell which essential oils are safest for use, some of the science behind how and why they work, and a bit about the top 10 essential oils that are recommended for every home and how they can help support you mentally, physically and emotionally.

After all events Anita is free to answer any questions you may have about using essential oils, so feel free to come in curious!

Convergent Paths Fireside Chat

(Every other Wednesday @ 7pm EST in EngageXR)

We are a group of people from different religious or spiritual traditions, or with no tradition, who are curious and interested in the many different ways people believe or practice.

Join Sarah Barker and our inclusive interfaith meet-up, celebrating diverse traditions, practices and philosophies. Engage in dialogue, share experiences from various paths, and reflect on shared values. Embrace unity, respect, and acceptance, fostering connections beyond labels. Explore, learn, and unite for a peaceful world. This is a peer-to-peer community. We are not experts in faith practices or philosophies.

Dragons & Life: An Exploration of Playing RPGs in VR 

(Every Friday @ 6pm EST in VRChat/ Saturday @ 12pm EST in VRChat)

Dragons and Life is an event that is meant to bring fantasy and reality together through the exploration of role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. While RPGs are based in fantasy, the community we build together and the things we learn from role-playing characters different from ourselves can very much add some magic and growth to our real life adventures. So let’s have some fun and learn a little bit about ourselves as we roll!

During these weekly events, Anita and Kaijudo casually explore RPGs with you: what they are, how to get started, how to play in virtual reality, and we may even get some gaming groups together if the stars align!

Anita is the founder of Vitality ReAwakened. She has a passion for helping people discover magic in their everyday lives through natural means, and a strong love for D&D where fantastical magic abounds. She very much believes the two can go hand in hand, and would like to explore that here.

Kaijudo has been a fan of tabletop games for 12 years and likes all fantasy settings from Wizards and Dragons to Modern and Cyberpunk. He has also been active in VR for over 6 years and is excited to try to bring these two areas of his life together.

Rediscover Your Reality

(Every Wednesday @ 2pm EST in VRChat)

When you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and level up your life, it can be intimidating to do it alone. Come join this group to find community support from like-minded people who are all creating goals, changing habits, learning how to best take care of themselves, and generally trying to improve themselves in some way.

This event is meant to be one that you can make your own, a place to ask for the support and accountability that you need as you rediscover your reality and step towards your ideal self. As a group we offer helpful advice, keep the atmosphere positive, and provide a safe space for you to express yourself in whatever way needed.

Let’s get to work so that together we can discover the hidden potential that lies within us all!

This is not a therapy session. We're a support group for those looking to improve themselves in some way.

Sound Healing 

(Every Thursday @ 7pm EST in VRChat)

Sound Healing is an ancient technique of using sound as a way to connect vibrationally and energetically to your Soul Essence, which is pure vibration at the quantum level of reality. Establishing resonance through various sounds can enhance your ability to move into altered states, thereby enhancing your abilities for healing on all levels - mind, body, emotional and spiritual.

JoAnn "Shivanti" Chambers is a psychophysical therapist and shamanic sound healer who has been working with clients utilizing these soundscapes in her private practice for over 30 years. The 3rd Eye

Gary "G•Mage" Chambers, creator of QSET soundscapes, is a keyboard synthesist, composer, master sound designer and shamanic sound healer. ShapeshifterDNA